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English Speaking Dentist in Yodoyabashi Osaka Japan Cosmetic Dentistry

English Speaking Dentist in Osaka Japan

Infini'e Treatment Center

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 Kono Dental Clinic http://www.kono-dental.com/english/
 〒541-0045 Kono Yakuhin Bldg 4F. 4-4-2 Doshomachi,Chuo-ku,Osaka,Japan.
 TEL:06-6222-2034 / E-mail:info@kono-dental.com
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*Closed: Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

*Our clinic has an appointment system. Please call us before visiting our clinic.

 General Dentistry、Orthodontics、Periodontal Treatment, Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry,Implant,
 Preventive Dentistry, Laser Treatment, Oral Surgery, Acupuncture,Occlusal Treatment,DNA Banking etc

Dental Treatment in Osaka Japan ENGLISH SPEAKING DENTIST


Public Transportation

It takes 2 minetes from No.13 exit of Yodoyabashi Station (Osaka Subway Midosuji Line).

Kono Dental Clinic is on the fourth floor in a seven-story brown building.

If you are driving here:

*From Highway:

Get off at Tosabori Exit of Hanshin Highway. Turn left and go south 1 minutes.

Kono Clinic is on the fourth floor in a seven-story brown building.

*From Midosuji:

Turn right at 3 cho-me Doshomachi Signal. Immediatly turn right at next crossroads.

Kono Dental Clinic is on the fourth floor in a seven-story brown building.


Dental Office in Osaka Japan

We perform holistic dental treatment which is most suitable for you.

In pain control, the techniques of Oriental medicine are used and dental treatment which is as painless as possible is carried out.

We can also assit in postoperative sharp pain relief and the medical treatment of temporomandibular disorder because "Infni,e Treatment Center" is in the same building.

Dental Treatment in Osaka

Dentist in Yodoyabashi Osaka Japan

We talk with you as much as possible, and chose the best dental treatment for you.

About the dental materials; we use those with high affinity with the living body as much as possible because we care about metal allergy.


Dentist in Yodoyabashi Osaka Japan

At our clinic, digital X-rays were adopted first in Osaka.The digital X-ray system can take a picture of your teeth, then almost immediately show it to you on a computer monitor while you are in the dental chair.

It has low X-radiation dosage. (The amount of X-rays contamination of digital X-rays is 1/10 from the conventional X-ray.)


Dentist in Yodoyabashi Osaka Japan

Please undergo dental treatment in comfort at our clinic. We takes all possible measures in sterilization and disinfection of all instruments and for prevention of hospital infection.

We are making affects for especially dental treatment, periodontitis prevention, and the care of the periodontosis which is a lifestyle-related disease.


English speaking dentist in osaka japan yodoyabashi